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We need some information about place where gas springs will be assembled before calculating the force.

1. Which aim will the gas springs be used with.?

2. If the gas springs will be used for open or close the flap ; centre of gravity, dimensions and weight of them must be known.

3. Do you require to damper after opening or closing the flap and acceleration of the closing flap

4. In which mediums or conditions will the gas springs be operated? Environment heat, the quantity of dirt and humidity in environment.

If the flap or instrument is not existing in closed environment , environmental conditions effecting on the gas spring which will directly effected to theirs force. All the calculating is revealed to keep in mind of the ideal conditions.

There are several factors effected force of the gas springs excluded from above mentioned knowledge. Therefore , there can not be decided without producing samples which force analysis and the assemble way of gas springs gaining theoretical.

Tornado Gas spring take always pride to support and help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your problems on your new designs. Our design team always will assist you.

Calculating Force;

To see calculation formulas and examples please click "Calculation Foce" on the Right-Side Bottom of your screen. Additionally you can login our website as for having more information. About demo login click Prepare Online Drawings!!! now.

Force Calculation

F: Weight of the cover (Newton, kgx10)

d: Centre of Gravity

c: Power lenght (%80 - %90 x d)

n: Number of the springs (The calculation force is divided two, in general) If you will use 4 gas springs for your applications, then the calculation force will divede 4.

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